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We hope that you never have occasion to make a claim for an accident or loss. But, should that need arise, this section can help you as a post-accident/loss checklist. You may wish to print copies of this section and place them in your vehicles, as well as in a safe place at your home.

1. Depending on the type of claim you have, there are some things you should do before notifying us.

  • Gather reasonably available information on the time, place and circumstances of the accident or occurrence.
  • Obtain the names, addresses and phone numbers of any claimants and witnesses.
  • Take reasonable steps after the loss to protect your covered property from further loss. Most insurance companies will pay all reasonable expenses that you incur to do so.
  • Promptly notify the police if your covered property is stolen or is damaged by a hit-and-run driver.

2. After you’ve done this, please report your claims promptly to our office. If your claim occurs after business hours and you feel it must be reported immediately, please call your insurance carrier’s 24-hour Direct Report Line: